Friday, June 4, 2010


Sports article from the Washington, D.C. paper reporting the details of the Diplomats 2-1 win against the Rogues at the Liberty Bowl.  I remember getting to the Stadium about 3 hours before the game to wait on the Washington team.   I wanted to meet Johan Cruyff.  Eventually the team arrived and I met Cruyff as he was coming off the bus.  I had seen films of him from the 1974 World Cup and read alot about him so he was a hero of mine.  He was very nice and signed an autograph for me.  I still have it.
Special thanks for the article to Jim at the Washington Diplomats blog

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  1. This was one of the 3 home games I missed. I was in DC with the family on vacation, but was lucky enough to catch Cryuff and the Dips four days later at RFK vs. the Rowdies.